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well, hello again readers! so sorry for not posting in such a very long time :( i've been super busy dealing with uni live and unfortunately not passed into my dream university... thats enough about me, today im going to review a product which i loveeeee so damn much hehehehe
it is a lipscrub from emina which called sugar rush lipscrub  :)
so it is the packaging from the sugar rush, this product was a limited edition product from emina,but now i can found the face scrub from emina but not yet try it, gonna review it soon~
the packaging quite cute like others emina product which i love and its pink!
and fyi emina is a product from indonesia, it brand was the same factories as wardah

and its the back side from the product, and the expired date
 the packaging is like a glass plastic place but not a really glass-y place hahaha what is this...
the inggredients and how to use things were in the box
 and this is the look of the product, the scrub is not really hard and the best feature is after you use this , your lips would magically turn into red, i mean not red like a color of lipstick hahahaha but like the natural red lips color you have always wanted :))). The price is not really that high, and its quite cheap than the other products, it only cost around 20k rupiah. the fragrance is so nice, like a vanilla thingy.

this is the ingredients of the product from the box

and this is the direction section from the box 
so this is the pro & cons from this product
 -best result
-affordable price
-cute packaging
- nice fragrance which is vanilla
- gentle sccrub

cons :
-hard to search because it was a limited edition product
- some people dont know how good emina is:(

repurchase / not repurchase

overall it is a nice new product that every woman who wear lipstick actually needs, sometime lips need a little detox too hehe, oh and i almost forgot i bought this product in Bandung Indah Plaza and its about 26k rupiahs i guess

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Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

DYE Hair Time! : Miranda Hair Colouring review

so recently many people do hair dye an ombre or a full dye. some of them dye it by theirself which is like me and the other goin to the salon and cost a big money so yeah
i choose this product because it has the green colour which the colour i want to choose for my hair and i buy it, on the instructions if we want to dye our hair into green we need to bleach it first, but i didnt so the result is not to bright, it seems like my old hair colur's haha

it only cost about 10.000 rupiah yey
 this is the instructions, warning and i forgot to take the inggredients pict,sorry fellas
 this is what you will need to dye your hair :
1. a hair colouring 
2. brush or toothbrush
3. hair comb
4. a small plate to mix your hair colouring
5. plastic to cover your hand because th colour will spread to your hand too haha
6. towel
because i dye my hair alone, i divide my hair into two part so i will easily colour it yuhuu
happy dye-ing!

re-purchase: yes,after i bleach my hair haha
-easy to find
-easy to use
cons : 
-the colour stain hard to remove

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if u want to ask a questions simply ask here ask.fm/frhnblnst
love u fellas!

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Senin, 13 Juli 2015

the faceshop white mud nose pack review

so its my first time reviewing a beauty product,and here we go!
white mud nose pack is actually a white mud mask that can cleans and clarifies pores. its a second nose pack product from the face shop that its mud mask i guess, so here is the photo of this product tadaa

the packaging is cute as the other korean brand, and its travel friendly!
this is the ingredients of this product:
some said this product is not really recommended because it has methylparaben, but as i read more, the methylparaben that contained in this product is based on the prescription so yeah
as we open the cap, the fragrance itself start to comeout, for one of you that dont like a fragrance prodcut i may not recommend you. the white mud a little bit stick and its better to apply it with our clean finger on nose or chin that has many comedos ehehehe
                                                      ***pardon my face***
its a slightly view from the white mud on my face
for me it doesnt really work because i have a big issue on comedos, but for the people who want to get a smaller and cleaner pores it damn good.
pros : -good fragrance
           -flexible spot, like you can easily put it on your chin,not like the comedos strip
cons: -hard to apply because its stick
         - a pretty expensive things for a comedos treatment, it cost Rp80.000 in faceshop store
         - not really work for peel off my comedos :[

overall this product is pretty nice, and it all based on my experience ^^
**repurchase/one purchase
***you can buy it on korean onlineshop beauty product, or get it on the face shop stores check this store

thanks for reading my review,hope you get a good day!

Moving on

Hello readers! its been a century i guess since my last post in this blog lol, so start from now im gonna post not about my style but also a product review that i think i should share, but most of them will be a beauty product, also i will post about my travelling journey wohoo. and this post's tittle mean a world to me for my real life, i have to moving on, no not from any boyfriend girlfriend case, but literally moving on from my old life,its include habbit,friends,bestfriend,subject,crush,style,and almosstt everything so yeah. its hard really hard,thug and painfull, but its for my goodness maybe, its God choice not mine.
hope you havea good day!

Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

Summer holiday,Summer looks!

Hi all,fi fi finally i can back again phew phew phew! so in this post im gonna share you all my experience in one of the most beautiful land in the world,yups its Bali, but im not gonna show you the beach and the club,its about nature,and its called mangrove forest, i dress up in a simply clothes,just paired some flowy shirt with a bright color and your shorts anddd voila your summer looks is already! so this is my look :} enjoyyy fellas <3
 YES I WAS SO HAPPY HAHAHA anddd, p.s : it was my first summer holiday to Bali and without my parents ,what a cool teenage haha, im wearing this simply outfit because after goin here,we're (me and 3 of my friends; nandre,ale,andya) going to do some watersport at Tanjung Benoa!!!! ayayayayayy

 The view is so breath taking here,and a little bit scary,because it was quiet and i hear some biawak voice crawling behind the trees ahaha,im a loser if its about reptil ;p
at my back is Ale and Andya hohohow
what i wear : -Aeropostale shirts
- unbranded cotton shorts
- grey outer
-donatello black sandals
- dreamcatcher necklace
- arm candy by myself ;}

and.... this is some extra photos from tanjung benoa when we were do some watersport, i take snorkeling and banana boat,and some of my friend take diving sport

                                       the sea is clear enough, love it <3 <3 <3, i recommend you all to visit this place ,its called north coast at tanjung benoa, they provide so many watersports and the services is so good!

                             on the way back from ocean hahahaha

                                  a banana boat fighter yey!
this is my friend,she fell herself down lol and she just lay at some boats like a mermaid ;P 
thanks for reading!
xoxo pink purple byl<3
photo credit to : my bff nandrea ( placeof-mine.blogspot.com)

Senin, 05 Mei 2014

greet again!

hai,bonjour,allo,ollo whatever it is but i said HI! again..... aaah finally i can landed again at my own place to be everything! lol. btw i have been through soooooooo many things after this year and after i left this blog :') but finally i can post something  again! yey
sooo,here is the simple outfit for going to theme park or just a light walk to zoo or some place out door.

Senin, 03 Juni 2013

Quirky style

Hi guys long time no post! im so sorry  for that few times i dont posting,because i have a national examination last few months,and im so busy to preparing that, i take more course and study more :s,but alhamdulillah it passed and thanks god i got good score haha,but its enough about my personal stories,and i want to post about quirky style! Yeay! This some of the photos :

Im sorry for the low quality photos,because i dont have camera yet,my last camera has stolen by unresponsibbke people! Huh!
And guys quirky is some style that bring you to quirkyness haha lol,its freak free passion and crazy style,i love it because you can express about yourself and art in your fashion style yeay!♥♥ lol

I match my pink t-shirt and my mother old shirt ,its going well and nice, and i use my tom tailor navy blue skirt.

And there are some of my selfie photo haha lol

What i wore:
-rag and stitch pink t-shirt
-triset old shirt
-tom tailor blue navy skirt
-unbranded pink bag
-nevada blue wedges
-pink glittering socks from socks gallery
-unbranded indiana headband from my dad feom australia

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Love you all♥♥■■

Pink purple byl